Our thoughts and particularity,
It is the "Hiyori Hotel" Standard


Hiyori Hotel is dedicated to creating a warm-hearted hotel under the slogan of "making hotel life more and more happy".

We want our guests to be able to relax comfortably in their rooms. It is with this strong desire that we have designed, built, and operated the Hiyori Hotel Osaka Namba Ekimae. You can relax in your room as if you were back at home, take a bath, get a good night's sleep, and enjoy a delicious breakfast the next morning. We will provide you with a comfortable lifestyle stay.

Welcome drink

We offer health-conscious brand "Mighty Leaf" teas (caffeinated and decaffeinated) to our visitors. Authoritative certifications such as Japan Organic JAS, Kosher, USDA Organic, and Vegan are proof of the high quality and safety.

Free Luggage storage Facility

Please feel free to store your luggage here in our Hotel before and after check in. please enjoy the charm of Osaka empty handed

Midnight snack “HIYORI dashiochazuke”
For hotel guests only
From 21:30 to 23:00

"HIYORI dashiochazuke" is simple Japanese dish made by pouring tea. Add as much rice as you like, add toppings and pour soup (dashi). Topping change daily.

Coffee Service
Take out OK!

You can also use it for takeout, such as when returning to your room.

Tatami flooring that allows you to take off your shoes and go barefoot

Many of the rooms have tatami flooring to ease your feet after a long day of sightseeing or business.

Take a bath to wash away the day's fatigue

The bathtub is spacious enough to stretch out your legs, and the bath with a spacious washbasin will make you feel as if you've come home.

Relax your body with a refreshing mist shower

All showers are equipped with a shower head that lets you choose from 3 different water pressures. You can enjoy the strong water pressure you're used to or relax with the mist setting. Relax with a luxuriously delicate shower.

Get a good night's sleep and wake up

All rooms are equipped with beds made by the world famous Simmons brand. The slightly hard Simmons bed is a "special space" that helps you relax after a long day. The extra mattresses are also Simmons brand. We hope you will have a comfortable sleep during your stay.

USB power supply and power switch panel

There is a USB socket on the headboard of the bed for the main power supply of the room and to charge your cell phone. Charge up while you sleep.

Foot massage machine

All rooms are equipped with foot massage machines to blow away your fatigue from sightseeing and business. You can massage the soles of your feet and calves. Please place a towel under your feet.

Equipment that is good for women

All rooms are equipped with nano-care hair dryers and hair straightener that dry quickly and moisturize the hair.

Amenities for women

POLA Aroma Essence Gold series body shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, and basic cosmetics are also available in bottle form. Even if you're staying with a group of girls, you can take care of your skin without worrying about how much you'll need.

Tea set

The room is set up with high quality George Stewart black tea, which has even received a letter of appreciation from the Queen of England. Two types of black tea are available, both of which are highly fragrant and have a clean, clear taste that leaves no aftertaste.

Mineral water

Osaka's tap water is said to be very tasty, as it is supplied from a highly purified water supply. In addition to this, the hotel gives one bottle per person as a gift for going out.

Hotel room clothes

To make your stay more comfortable, we have designed Hiyori Hotel's original loungewear. It is designed with a stylish neck with a bit of Japanese style so that you can wear it for breakfast. Available in free sizes. (120cm size for children is also available.)

Stay Plans Information

We will continue to pursue satisfactory services for a safe and comfortable stay and a healthy tomorrow for everyone.



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